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Carrier Surcharge Update

FedEx Signature Requirements Have Returned

The following is copied from a recent email that FedEx sent to its customers. FedEx Delivery Signature Update As we continue to support the global supply chain, we’re committed to keeping customers, team members and your packages safe. We will…

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FedEx Adds/ Extends Peak Season Surcharges Into 2022

As the carrier usually does this time of year, FedEx has announced several Peak Season Surcharges, with some having start dates as early as October 4th. The types of surcharges, start and end dates, and the shippers who will be…

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UPS Increase to Ground Fuel Surcharges, AGAIN

UPS has announced another increase to its ground fuel surcharge table that will take effect on August 16, 2021. This comes barely a month after the company’s last fuel surcharge increase implemented on July 5. Apparently, the last increase which…

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UPS Announces SurePost Rate Increase (Again!)

UPS has announced their 2021 GRI on SurePost, the second rate increase for SurePost packages since October of this year which saw a $.24 rate hike. You can read the full announcement on the carrier’s website here: UPS SurePost Rate…

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FedEx Extends Its 2020 Peak Surcharges

FedEx has announced the continuation of its 2020 Peak Surcharges for Oversize, Additional Handling, and Smartpost past the previously-scheduled end date of January 18, 2021. While the surcharges are not as high as the Peak Season Surcharges, the market has…

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