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Driving Value.
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Transforming business performance through industry-leading technology, relentless customer service, and future-focused knowledge.

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The FedEx® 2022 GRI

Breaking down the largest increase since 2013

FedEx® has announced its largest General Rate Increase in almost a decade, and it’s a big one at 5.9% on average, according to the carrier.

But what does average even mean?

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You Can’t Fix What You Can’t See

You know data will help. But how do you quickly find it, analyze it, and use it to your advantage? With TransImpact, our future-focused business intelligence technology takes you beyond simple parcel and freight audits, and dives deep into every stage of your supply chain. That level of visibility translates to larger savings on the bottom line and efficiencies in your company from first order to customer satisfaction.

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  1. Drill down to the information you need – quickly and easily
  2. Elegant solutions with fewer clicks
  3. A bold combination of high tech and high touch to quickly pivot for your changing needs

Old Data Doesn’t Solve New Problems

You know there is a problem. But by the time you get the reports, it’s old news. That doesn’t help you correct continuing issues that hurt your supply chain efficiencies and ultimately your bottom line. With TransImpact’s end-to-end supply chain technology, you can easily and quickly identify where to find savings and operational efficiencies.

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  1. Access the data you need in three to five clicks
  2. Discover internal optimizations to create savings and efficiencies
  3. Address actionable insights faster

Do I Really Have Time To Do This?

Right now, you are doing all you can squeeze into a day. Do you really have time to gather up data and learn this process? Absolutely. Helping our customers identify where to find the data, and then providing the power to access the information you need is what makes us pioneers in the industry. We work side by side with you to understand your business goals, challenges, and technology infrastructure. We promise we can make you a raving fan.

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  1. We’ll help you find the data – then leave the rest to us
  2. Integration of your systems from ERP to WMS and beyond
  3. TransImpact is a trusted partner, relentlessly focused on your priorities

Why Us?

We work as a team, partnering closely with our clients to deliver unforgettable experiences and strong financial impact. Through our industry expertise and web-based SaaS+ (Service As A Software) integration, we’re committed to our role as champions of your business.

Year Founded

Formerly known as Transportation Impact, our company continues to pioneer supply chain innovation using a powerful combination of expert industry
knowledge, an unrivaled service ethic, and intelligent insights.

Customers and Counting

From Toms Shoes and Sony PlayStation to Georgia Pacific, we serve over 1,000 customers in a range of sizes
and industries.

$1 Billion
Managed in Logistics Spend

We champion our customers’ success and help you create future-focused, innovative strategies to keep your company ahead of the competition.

Relentlessly focused on turning our customers into raving fans

This well-known Food & Beverage company signed up for the TransImpact freight invoice auditing service.

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In 2020, an e-commerce fashion and footwear company was struggling with service and cost from the USPS.

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The client had a wish list: all systems including partner systems communicating; tracking; pings along with Geo Fencing; and images because products were arriving damaged. They wanted to capture what the load looked like when it left the dock and what the products look like when it arrived at the delivery point.

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Driving Value. Creating Next

We’re pushing boundaries to help you stay ahead of the curve.

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