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Parcel Spend Management Solutions

Our intelligent parcel spend solutions helps you take control of your shipping expenses and streamline supply chain efficiency. Boost your profitability and enhance performance with our new age data-driven solutions.
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Our Unmatched Suite of Parcel Solutions

Parcel Spend Intelligence

Parcel Spend Intelligence (PSI) is a leading SaaS platform powered by integrated dashboards that enable shippers to unlock key business insights and make informed decisions for more cost-effective shipping strategies.

Parcel Spend Intelligence
Parcel Contract Negotiation

Parcel Contract Negotiation

Parcel Contract Negotiation (PCN) is a one-of-a-kind re-rating engine that utilizes your shipping data to uncover valuable information such as invoice errors, excess surcharges, etc. A team of industry experts backs up this brilliant solution to provide market-appropriate rates for your customized shipping requirements.

Parcel Margin Analysis

Parcel Margin Analysis (PMA) provides businesses with the true profit margin on each product – factoring gross margin, total spending on transportation required to service the order, and revenue capture in the order process.

Parcel Cost Variance

Parcel Cost Variance

Parcel Cost Variance (PCV) is an add-on feature to Parcel Spend Intelligence (PSI), taking your visibility to the next level. Parcel cost variance reveals the truth about your current spending, as expected costs and actual costs are rarely the same.

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Parcel Spend Management Q & A

Ask us! We work with you to understand your business’s core vitals and shipping characteristics. We’ll help you decide the right level of service you need.

Around 15-40 % off on your total small parcel spend, depending on several factors. Whats significant is youll get to know your cost savings before we start working with you. 

Absolutely Not! — other than them working a little harder for you because your agreements are better now. We work entirely behind the scenes, and the carriers dont know that we are involved. We work with you at every step of this transaction. 

Of course, you know your business best. But we give you something you dont have — real market rate data. We also have the skills and experience to understand the carriers cost structures and the margins they are willing to accept. Without this information advantage, a shipper is negotiating in the dark and leaving money on the table. 

Yes, you can use whatever carriers you want. All your contracts remain between you and the carriers, too. 

Yes, we can. You don’t have to wait for any current agreements to expire. In fact, very few of the agreements we help negotiate are at the end of their term. Every business needs to change, and your parcel shipping rates should be able to reflect that. 

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