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What Does an Affiliate Do?

You simply make an introduction. Connect us to someone you already know who we can help save money on their shipping costs.

Do I Qualify as an Affiliate?

An affiliate can be anyone. If you are a consultant, industry leader, or simply someone who knows the right people, the TransImpact Affiliate program can help you make those contacts increase your bottom line. Our goal is to help each other. You bring us the right people. We pay you, and we help your referrals save money and improve their supply chain efficiencies.
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What Do I Need to Do Going Forward?

Once you make the introduction, your job is done. We take it from there.
And you earn the rewards.
Do I have to have a company or corporation to become an affiliate?
No, most of our affiliates are consultants or people with solid industry contacts.
How much does a referral need to spend on parcel for this to work?

You’ll earn high commissions for any client you refer spending over $200,000 per year on small parcel.

Is there training available?
We can provide ongoing training to maximize as many introductions as you want to make.
What is the difference between a TransImpact Affiliate and a TransImpact Partner?
Affiliates are usually individuals who work with TransImpact, while Partners are companies or corporations.
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After spending my career in the global supply-chain & logistics industry, I was intrigued with the business model when meeting the founders in their start-up years. Hearing and watching their successful growth and “how” they achieved it piqued my interest more, to the point of first partnering with TransImpact (then Transportation Impact) in 2016 while CMO of an asset-based container haulage and truck brokerage firm.

The trust, confidence & support with their team, overall performance and future potential of the working partnership with TransImpact led me to form Logistics Advantage in 2017, for a new and better partnership with TransImpact, which is one of the best business and personal decisions made.

– James E. Yokeley, Jr.
President/CEO, Logistics Advantage, LLC
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