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Parcel Contract

Are you leaving 15%-40% savings on the table?


Yes, You Do Need The Best Parcel Contract Negotiation Services

It’s true. Anyone can find 4% to 5% savings in a parcel audit. But, if you’re negotiating without a best parcel contract negotiation team, you could be leaving millions on the table.

There are plenty of people out there who claim they can save you money on your carrier agreements, but none have the experience and success of TransImpact.

We’ve successfully coached thousands of clients through small parcel contract negotiations and collectively saved them more than $1 Billion, with typical savings between 15%-40%. This year, we are saving our clients an average of 23.6%.


We Make Cost Reductions Effortless

At TransImpact, we combine industry expertise, market data, and proprietary technology to negotiate optimal, market-appropriate agreements for your business. It’s precision savings down to a tenth of a percent. You determine margins based on raw materials, labor, and market value, but are you factoring in what a small carrier contract negotiation could do for your bottom line?

Misconceptions Are Costing Shippers Millions

Whether it’s believing you can’t renegotiate or thinking you can’t use a third party to help you with your negotiations, misconceptions about parcel contracts are holding shippers back.

But the parcel experts at TransImpact know what it takes to have a successful small carrier contract negotiation. We not only find significantly more savings than anyone else, but we remain with you throughout the three-year contracts.

You’ll receive weekly report cards from our parcel management software validating those savings. As your shipping characteristics or behavior changes (which they inevitably will), we’ll catch it and adjust accordingly. You have a team of parcel experts sifting through your data finding ways to save you money and mitigate costs.

Misconceptions about parcel contract negotiation

Why Are We the Best in the Industry?

It’s that combination of market expertise and industry-leading technology. We know where the profit line is for the carriers. We know market-appropriate rates. We anticipate what the next move in negotiations will be. We understand where to find the hidden charges. And we bring all that knowledge to work for you, with very little effort on your part.

See Savings in Weeks

Give us four hours of your time over the six-to-eight-week negotiation period, and we’ll significantly lower your parcel costs for three years.

During the next three years, we’ll continue to optimize your rates as we watch your company’s shipping habits, market fluctuations, peak season surcharges, GRI implications, and any changes in your overall parcel spend so you’ll continue to have market-appropriate rate reductions.

parcel negotiation period

Our Proven Process as the Parcel Experts

Negotiations Compliance Optimizations

Run analysis and


Develop customized negotiation strategy specific to your objectives.


Coach and counsel throughout the negotiation life cycle and evaluate all proposals against target savings.


Put our money where our mouth is . . . validate the savings we guaranteed. We do what we say we will do.

Winning Record

A Winning Record

Want maximum parcel cost reduction?
Join an undefeated team. No matter what carriers promise, we find savings no one else can.

Success Rate

100% Success Rate

We guarantee every savings projection to the tenth of a percent.

Hidden Savings

15% - 40% Hidden Savings

It isn't uncommon for companies to promise you everything but the kitchen sink. You can expect a 15%-40% cost reduction from our talented team.
In fact, this year, we are saving our clients an average of 23.6%.

Weekly Report Card

Weekly Report Card

You'll receive a weekly report card with proven savings to hold us accountable. It's real math. It's tangible.
It's measurable.

Leaving Money on the Table

Leaving Money on the Table

Over 85% of the data we analyze shows money left on the negotiating table.

Keep Your Carrier

Keep Your Carrier

We'll customize a savings blueprint from your current contract so you can keep on rolling with your preferred carrier.

Parcel Contract Negotiation Q & A

We just don’t have the time.
If you don’t have 3-4 hours during a short 6-8 week period to substantially save money, then we’re not the parcel advisory company for you. Invest less than half a day, and we not only bring you guaranteed savings, but we’ll be saving you hours and hours in the long run. You stay focused on other things on your plate, and let us work in the background.
Everyone says they can save us money.

Are you going with the experts? Are you satisfied with average savings? Then don’t call us. If you want the maximum savings on Planet Earth, then call us (we make no claims on other planets). We know where the profit line is for the carriers. And it’s our job to drive them to the brink of profitability.

Anyone can find you 4% to 5% savings. We will find better savings than anyone else and we guarantee it, in writing, to the tenth of a percent. You only pay us a percentage of the savings we generate. It’s easy to see there is an incentive for us to maximize your cost reduction.

Do I pay for the initial baseline study?

Absolutely not. We’ll run your current carrier data through our proprietary software and see where — and if — we can save you money. In our history, we’ve found 85% of companies are leaving money on the table. And we only make money if you save money.

What if you don’t find savings? Do I have to pay to find out?

Nope. If we don’t find savings, then congrats! You’re receiving market-appropriate rates and we can’t help you. At no charge to you, you’ve verified that you’re receiving maximum savings on your FedEx contract and UPS contract.

My current agreement hasn’t expired.
Your agreement can be renegotiated at any time. Our average customer is 13 months into a 36-month term when they hire us. Even if your agreement contains an early termination or buyout clause, we can still leverage your volume to achieve maximum cost reduction.
We can negotiate by ourselves.

We understand the logic. Negotiate yourself, cut out the middle man, keep all the savings. But carrier contracts are loaded with language designed to divert your attention and dilute your savings. You hire an accountant to do your taxes. Let us negotiate your agreement. If you start with a bad carrier agreement, the ongoing savings and opportunities are severely limited. And with our ongoing optimization over your three-year contract, our parcel analytics ensure you have market-appropriate rates throughout the terms of your agreements. If you don’t, we’ll head back to the negotiating table.

I can’t use a third party.
Don’t let your carrier strong-arm you into taking what they give you. You need a coach to help your team from the sidelines to ensure your interests are protected while your relationship is preserved. There’s nothing wrong with having an expert on your side.
I can’t share my shipping data with you.

Sure you can. You own your shipping data showing what UPS discounts and FedEx discounts you are receiving. There’s a big misconception when it comes to data’s inherent value. Alone, it’s worthless, but when your FedEx contract and UPS contract are studied by a trained eye and compared with relevant information, it can paint a vivid picture. Going forward, using a technology tool like Parcel Spend Intelligence provides ongoing data insights and actionable insights, digging deep into auditing your ongoing FedEx and UPS invoices.

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