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Parcel Spend Management

Today’s shippers know the road ahead is only
going to get more complex. But, complexity
also leads to opportunity. And that opportunity
lies with TransImpact, the parcel experts.


in hidden savings

700+ years

of combined pricing and small parcel analytics knowledge


of all data we analyze shows money left on the negotiating table


Invest fewer than five hours of your time,
and we’ll bring you guaranteed savings,
optimized rates, and detailed visibility
into your parcel data.


Parcel Contract Negotiation

Do you really know what you are paying in shipping? There are plenty of consultants who claim they will lower your shipping costs. And that’s true. Most anyone can lower your costs by 4-5%. But at TransImpact, we have not only the expertise, but the technology to find 15-40% in hidden savings on your carrier agreements. This year, we are saving our clients an average of 23.6%.

We guarantee – yes, guarantee – best in class agreements and then we go beyond. Once those agreements are in place, we continue to optimize your savings to ensure you continue to be at market appropriate rates.


Parcel Spend Intelligence

Our forward-thinking Parcel Spend Intelligence technology leads
the industry, empowering shippers through greater awareness.
Consolidated dashboards are designed so you can easily drill down
into parcel data to identify changes for cost categories over time.
Control your inventory, weed out offending shipments, and quickly
check your expected discounts and incentives for accuracy.


Parcel Margin Analysis

After TransImpact helps you negotiate best-in-class rates, we don’t stop there. Now that you have shipping costs optimized, how does that affect your profit margin on products? With Parcel Margin Analysis insights, you can make corrections in plans or in flow to ensure margin levels are consistently and profitably maintained.


When? Where?

Now more than ever, small parcel shipping costs can make - or break - your margins. And the past two years have proven how much the world market, supply chain issues, competitors, and labor situations plays on getting your products from point A to point B. We are the parcel people at TransImpact. No one in the industry can match our expertise, track record, and cutting edge technology. Isn’t it time we talked about your business?

Parcel Spend Management Q & A

How do I know which Solution is right for my business?

Ask us! We partner with our clients to understand your business. We’ll help you decide the right level of service you need.

How much will I save?

Probably around 15% – 40% off on your total small parcel spend, but that’ll depend on a number of factors, of course. What’s important is you’ll know your cost savings within 1/10 of 1% before we start anything.

Will this impact my carrier relationships?
Not at all — other than them working a little harder for you because your agreements are better. We are completely behind the scenes, and the carriers don’t know that TransImpact is involved. All the while, we are engaged and working with you every step of the way.
How can TransImpact be better at negotiating my rates?
Of course, you know your business best. But we give you something you don’t have — real market rate data. We also know to the penny the carriers’ cost structures and the margins they are willing to accept. Without this information advantage, a shipper is negotiating in the dark and leaving money on the table.
Can I keep my carriers?
Yes, you can use whatever carriers you want. All your contracts remain between you and the carriers, too.
Can you help me with pricing agreements I just signed?
Yes. There is no need to wait for any current agreements to expire. In fact, very few of the agreements we help negotiate are at the end of their term. Business needs change — your small parcel rates need to reflect that at all times.
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