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Carrier Relationships

Today, as carriers are being extremely selective and in a market where demand exceeds supply, our visionary technologies and industry strength deliver game-changing solutions.

One Out of 4 Addresses in the U.S. Receive a Package Audited by TransImpact

Make no mistake, there are errors on your small parcel invoices. The problem is you probably have no good way to catch them. The carriers make it hard to spot billing mistakes. And when you do, it’s even harder to file a claim to get back the money they owe you. This is where we come in. Our Parcel Spend Intelligence technology analyzes your invoices so they’re accurate. We find every refund you’re owed with no work required by you.
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In TransImpact’s first engagement with a luxury jewelry designer, $1.4M in annual savings was achieved on the company’s parcel shipping.
– Luxury Jewelry Designer
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