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Parcel Advisory Case Study

Customer Annual Net Spend in Parcel
13.6% Cost Reduction Communicated Pre-Engagement
15% Cost Reduction Realized Post-Engagement

A boutique home décor brand with a strong online presence and no brick-and-mortar stores was growing quickly and wanted to reduce its small parcel spend. Via our Parcel Advisory service we assisted the company’s leadership in negotiating a much more favorable agreement with FedEx, the company’s incumbent carrier. By leveraging outside parcel insurance we enabled the company to gain leverage with FedEx that resulted in greater discounts than expected in the baseline, for a total of 15% savings. The entire process took one month.

This very happy customer is now working with the TransImpact Engineering Team regarding distribution center optimization and movement. The company is outgrowing its existing facility, and we are working to help them increase technology and decrease costs.

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