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Parcel Advisory Case Study


Customer Annual Net Spend in Parcel


26.2% Cost Reduction Communicated Pre-Engagement


31.9% Cost Reduction Realized Post-Engagement 

Services Provided

Parcel Advisory

A developer and seller of chemicals and materials used in construction as well as sealants and coatings used in packaging had issues with account consolidation projects and also wanted to ensure that the rates they were receiving were market appropriate. The company ships small parcel with FedEx, mostly Express and Ground Commercial. We identified an opportunity for approximately 26% annual cost reduction. Through our consultation we ultimately secured a net reduction of 31.9% while also helping the client consolidate dormant accounts and identifying unnecessary cost drivers across their account base. The entire process only cost the client 4-6 hours of their time. The client was so pleased that they have not only given us rave reviews but also referred multiple companies to our services.

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