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Parcel Advisory Case Study

LTL $500,000 Parcel $600,000

Customer Annual Net Spend in Parcel

6.7% savings on LTL

Cost Reduction Communicated Pre-Engagement

Services Provided


Control Tower


TMS (Freight POP)


A pet food manufacturer with a strong emphasis on quality came to us seeking a solution for poor data visibility and reporting capabilities, and inadequate staffing on the logistics side. The company signed on for the full suite of TransImpact Managed Logistics services: FBAP, Control Tower, Negotiation, and TMS (Freight POP). We integrated our TMS with the client’s ERP to provide full data visibility and reporting capabilities via the Dashboard. To solve the short-staffing issue, the client is leveraging the TransImpact Control Tower, particularly for assistance with inbound freight management, claims, and possibly more. For the LTL negotiation we took a phased approach, as we needed three months of clean data for a proper analysis, which was not available from client’s previous provider. When we initially did the analysis, we were only able to find 6.7% savings on their LTL spend. Once we have more data, we want to do the analysis again to determine if we can uncover further savings. The client is now looking at adding in TransImpact Parcel Advisory.

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