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FedEx has announced its 2024 General Rate Increase will be a 5.9% average across services effective January 1, 2024. However, the carrier indicated it will not provide the details of how base rates and fees will be changing until September 7.

What detail FedEx did provide can be seen below and on the carrier’s website:

Just last week, the experts at TransImpact published our predictions for the 2024 GRI and were spot-on (again). And unlike the FedEx announcement, we also provide plenty of details on how specific services and fees are likely to change, as well as some bold predictions. You can access our full Predicting the 2024 GRI report here.

The following is from the FedEx website:

Once the details of the 2024 FedEx GRI are announced, TransImpact will publish its annual analysis of the GRI so every shipper can better understand how the increases will impact their shipping costs next year.

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