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The TransImpact team is at it again. Using our market-leading knowledge, historical pricing trends, and cutting-edge data modeling software, we’re ready to present our annual GRI predictions.

Here’s a preview:

For many companies, the annual GRI announcements from FedEx and UPS are among the most important happenings of the year. After all, what other core operating cost — shipping, that is — can increase by so much with such regularity? No one has forgotten about 2023’s highest-ever GRIs. But there is a little good news. The past several years have established a correlation between high inflation and large GRIs. And inflation has softened so far this year. Our models therefore indicate a headline FedEx and UPS average increase of…

Click here to access the full report to learn what FedEx and UPS customers can expect from the 2024 GRIs (along with some BOLD predictions added for good measure).

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