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Managed Logistics Case Study


Client Annual Net Parcel Spend

7% on LTL & TL Nego

Client Annual Net Parcel Spend

Met/Exceeded Savings Expectations

Client Annual Net Parcel Spend


Managed Logistics

The client had a wish list: all systems including partner systems communicating; tracking; pings along with Geo Fencing; and images because products were arriving damaged. They wanted to capture what the load looked like when it left the dock and what the products look like when it arrived at the delivery point. They also wanted the ability to see the temperature of the reefer trailer to troubleshoot. They also wanted system scalability and TMS should be able to support many modes of transportation including rail, air, and others. As a global company, they also required integrations with Customs, with the ability to keep all that information in one place. Client loves our Control Tower and Customer Service. As a member of Management said, “TransImpact knows our shipping process better than our internal team.”

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