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Business Impact Analytics SaaS+


Business Impact Analytics SaaS+

Cloud Services

Providing world-class engineered and elastomeric solutions for the global life sciences, automotive, and industrial markets, the client wanted to automate their management reporting process and gain improved visualizations. They also needed a solution to handle data complexities that made it difficult to include industry forecast data with Sales & Order information.

TransImpact provided a custom solution that reduced the amount of time staff needed to produce management reports and improved visibility into industry forecast trends, which was necessary for operational and strategic decision- making. Internal and external data systems were connected, addressing gaps in available data and improving the ability to view sales performance from any level of detail.

Recouped staff time was repurposed into new activities, and leveraging TransImpact’s cloud buying power has meant greatly reduced costs. The Business Performance Solution can be scaled rapidly and leveraged to meet the reporting and analytic needs of other areas of the business.

Automated Management Reporting Improved Visualizations Data-Driven Forecasting
Cloud Savings

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