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Forecasting Algorithms

60 Months

Ability to Generate Forecasts

Supply Chain Forecasting & Planning Solutions

Demand Planning

With our 250+ world-leading forecasting formulas, TransImpact empowers you to forecast any data set, at any level of hierarchy, and then quickly perform unit of measure conversions.

Inventory Planning

Improve your inventory forecasting, regardless of what size your company may be. Implementing effective TransImpact Inventory Planning can bring you up to 99% accuracy.

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Sales & Operations Planning

With Sales & Operations Planning, optimize your demand plan through exception management reporting and “what if” scenarios.


Accurately Forecast Demand

Produce expert-level forecasts for up to 5 years into the future. TransImpact performs a powerful “back-casting” process that generates, measures, and stores hundreds of millions of calculations.

What If Analysis

“What if” analysis breaks through current plans to improve inventory turns and safety stock quantities regardless of market and supplier conditions.

Create Your Own Alerts

You can train the system to alert you when anything outside the norm of your business happens.

With thousands of fast-moving SKUs, we are able to manage the forecasting and planning in literally minutes with customized reports.
– Pranav Gupta
Forecast Analyst
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