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Best Parcel Contract Negotiators

It feels like a shot in the dark, trying to dig deep into your parcel contract for unwanted surcharges or hidden fees. You need the best parcel contract negotiator working side by side with you to better negotiate with your parcel carriers.

In the parcel industry, contract negotiations are a crucial aspect of any thriving partnership or transaction. Negotiating a parcel contract requires a certain level of experience and expertise to ensure shippers are receiving market-appropriate rates, generating savings to increase margin and EBITDA.

Carriers provide shipping services to their customers to make money, so they must make a profit. But carriers do not provide complete transparency in maintaining every term of your contract with them. Rates may change and fees may increase, such as peak season or annual general rate increases (GRI). And then there are the hidden fees for address corrections, dimensional billing, or residential delivery.

At TransImpact, we are the experts in parcel contract negotiation. Here are some of the best industry-leading features we offer to our clients:

  • Guaranteed savings – We guarantee every savings projection to the tenth of a percent.
  • A winning record – We find savings 100% of the time with our no-risk, no-cost data analysis. Of those, 85% present meaningful savings that make it worthwhile to open contract negotiations. No matter what the carriers promise, we find savings when no one else can.
  • 15%-40% savings – For those 85% of potential clients whose data shows meaningful savings, most are in the range of 15%-40%. Last year, our clients saved an average of 19.8%.
  • Weekly report card – We provide real numbers – real math, optimized, and accurate savings to hold us accountable.
  • Visibility – A deep dive into your carrier data like you’ve never seen before.
  • Ability to keep your carrier – We work in the background, allowing you to maintain your relationship with your current carrier, or providing you with opportunities to diversify.

Why are we the best in the business?

  1. Unparalleled Knowledge of the Parcel Industry

Parcel shipping is a complex industry with its own special set of challenges and shortcomings. Our team of leading experts has spent years studying the ins and outs of this space, gathering a deep knowledge of the key indicators, trends, and priorities. This sizable knowledge base enables us to assist you in negotiating better and more confidently, guaranteeing we secure the market-appropriate rates for you.

  1. Proven Track Record of Success

Over the years, we have counselled and assisted our clients to negotiate with the major parcel carriers, including FedEx, DHL, UPS, and the USPS. This experience gives us access to valuable information and insights that we use to benefit our clients. Additionally, we do not interfere with your relationship with your carrier. Instead, we work behind the scenes, allowing you to maintain that good relationship.

  1. Dedicated to Our Clients’ Success

To be the best parcel contract negotiator, you must be dedicated to your clients’ success. That is precisely what we are passionate about. We take a collaborative approach to negotiation, working closely with our clients to understand their particular goals and requirements. We then use our expertise to empower our clients to negotiate better throughout the life of the contract. Our commitment to our clients’ success differentiates us from other parcel contract negotiation service providers.

  1. Stay Up to Date with Industry Trends

There are many moving factors in the sudden price rises in your parcel carrier contracts. The parcel industry is constantly evolving in terms of technology, market trends, and pricing systems. At TransImpact, we keep a close eye on the shifting market trends, and our forward-thinking technology solutions notify you when sudden changes in pricing occur. This way, our clients can stay up to date with their parcel contract optimization process.

Connecting TransImpact’s Parcel Contract Negotiations to your business, you can obtain market-appropriate rates for your parcel shipping contracts. Give us four hours of your time over a six to eight week negotiation period, and we will impressively reduce your parcel costs for three years. Then, by auditing your parcel invoices, we can find hidden fees and surcharges that aren’t covered in your parcel contract. Effectively negotiate with your carrier by partnering with the best parcel contract negotiator in the business.

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