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Why Change Now Hero v1

Hello, my name is Berkley Stafford. I’m CEO of Transportation Impact here to give you a little preview into what we’re doing with our rebranding strategy.

So we look back over the last 13 years and we’re in awe with our success and how much we’ve grown, the products we’ve built, our company on the products that we’re coming out with today, the new products that are on our whiteboard that we hope to develop in the near future, and we start to think, are we the same company today that we were 13 years ago? What do we want to be into the future with some of the acquisition strategies that we have and where we’ve landed is a brilliant, very focused strategy when it comes to our rebranding efforts.

John Howard

Hi, my name is John Howard. I’m the Chief Operations Officer for Transportation Impact. Well first of all, all companies need to evolve in order to survive and this rebranding will allow us to align our future growth strategy with the solutions that our clients demand.

Our evolution will embrace an even more tech-centric approach. As we aspire to bring supply chain technology services, and products that are going to solve an array of problems from mundane tasks to highly complex issues for our customers. This will thereby bring them efficiency and profitability. This rebranding is going to unify our vision for the future while also supporting our evolving identity. Our acquisition of Vision 360 last year was the first step in this process.

Berkley Stafford

As we aspire to become a supply chain technology company, addressing the five components of supply chain, we’ve quickly realized that we’re doing some of that now. Our strategy and who we are to the market when it comes to branding, that’s gotta change. We’re no longer the company that we used to be. We can now service different clients. We can now service existing clients in a different way.

We’ve got so much more to offer. You’ll see new colors. You’ll see a new name. You’ll see new products. You’ll see new strategy, but we’ll always be the legacy company that we started with. We’ll still have those five core values: work ethic, integrity, professionalism, passion, and perfection. We’ll still have that core focus of creating raving fans through our supply chain team, our employees, and our technology. So more to come, we’re very excited to announce it shortly. Thanks for listening.

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