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To no one’s surprise, UPS has matched FedEx’s record 6.9% GRI for 2023. The additional costs will go into effect December 27, 2022.

Here are some highlights detailing key charges that are increasing more than 6.9%.

  • The Ground Minimum Charge (Zone 2, 1 lb.) is increasing to $10.10 per package, up from $9.36 in 2022, a 7.9% increase
  • Residential Surcharge will now be $5.25 per package for Air and $5.85 for Ground, up from $4.85 and $5.35 respectively, a 9% increase
  • Additional Handling (weight) charges will increase an average of 13.24% for all zones in 2023, the highest being $34.50 for Additional Handling (Zones 5+)
  • Delivery Areas Surcharges for Air will increase an average of 7.2%, while Ground charges will increase 9.8%

A more thorough analysis showing UPS shippers where and how to prepare for another historic increase is on its way.

Rest assured, the parcel experts at TransImpact are already breaking down and modelling the details of the entire GRI to help shippers like you understand its full impact. To receive our complete report and a no-obligation analysis of how the UPS GRI will increase your small parcel shipping costs contact immediately.

More information can be found on the UPS website:


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