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Open textbooks on Fedex

FedEx® has announced its largest General Rate Increase in almost a decade, and it’s a big one at 5.9% on average, according to the carrier.

But what does average even mean? Chances are your rates will be going up by some other amount – an amount probably more than 5.9%. The challenge is that it’s on you to figure out. Understanding how and where your rates will be affected is the first step to mitigating these increases where you can.

This is no easy task with rate increases all over the board and for nearly all of the carrier’s services and surcharges. But we can help.

Our report identifies the main takeaways that the TransImpact parcel experts pulled from the report that shippers like you need to be aware of. Armed with this analysis, the true impact of the 2022 FedEx® GRI will come into focus and give you the knowledge you need to take action.


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