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How to Be a Shipper of Choice

How to Be a Shipper of Choice

Pressure on shippers and carriers is (thankfully) easing with peak season in the rear view mirror. But now is not the time for shippers to get complacent when it comes to keeping their logistics operation running cost-efficiently. Carriers still have…

truck on a highway

Is US Infrastructure Falling Apart at the Seams?

Millions of Americans, as well as the entire U.S. economy, rely on the nation’s transportation infrastructure daily. Unfortunately, it’s a network that needs some serious attention. Many of America’s roads, rails, and bridges were built during a time when cars…

Five Ways to Beat the Carrier Capacity Crunch

Five Ways to Beat the Carrier Capacity Crunch

A capacity crunch is occurring in the freight market due to a few factors, including a strong economy and strong freight demand. When these are coupled with the current truck driver shortage, it’s evident why space on trucks is at…


Four Trends in Logistics and Transportation for 2019

In 2019, many logistics and transportation trends center around increasing visibility and higher service levels — for both service providers and their customers. Better application of technology and digitization is the enabler making this possible. But, it is customer demand…

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