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If you’re a FedEx customer, you may have heard about the changes coming to FedEx Reporting Online. With so much talk about the importance of data for parcel shippers, it’s understandable that expectations are high from parcel shippers on what the new platform offers.

(Read more on the FedEx website here:

Some pending report changes are live, while others will be available starting June 1 or in the “coming months.”

As of mid-May, it’s been a rocky start for the new system. For example, a present issue is that key data around surcharge descriptions are unavailable. This means companies are being billed for surcharges without knowing what the charges are for, and they therefore cannot audit the added costs. Frustratingly, the carrier has not clarified when or if this issue will be resolved for any customers we’ve spoken to.

Aside from that issue (which we have to assume will get fixed, right?), we’ve been researching what other new functionality the new platform will offer.

What improvements are coming?

According to FedEx, these features are or will be available:

1 – Improved “at-a-glance” dashboard

2 – Personalization through filters to set preferences

3 – Reccuring reports and notifications

4 – Ability to set up account groups

While some shippers may benefit from the new platform, little on the list appears to be game-changing for moderate- or high-volume shippers, who will be frustrated by limitations such as a minimal number of reporting options and data only being available for limited periods (reports can only go back two years).

The bottom line is that companies that want to leverage data to reduce their parcel spend and improve delivery performance will need to keep looking for a better platform.

Parcel Spend Intelligence: The best alternative FedEx customers have to get more from their parcel data

Companies looking to gain the full advantage of their parcel data need more than what FedEx Reporting Online offers. And remember, the carrier’s tool can only include packages shipped with FedEx and excludes parcels shipped with any other carrier.

Parcel Spend Intelligence from TransImpact offers a complete, multi-carrier data analytics platform with all the benefits of BI. PSI reporting is customized and actionable (not simply presenting the same data and information in different ways), including:

  • Actionable Insights
  • Parcel Spend Overview
  • Time In Transit
  • Alerts
  • Dimensional Analysis
  • Accessorials

PSI provides data and insight that drive better tactical and strategic decision-making for your parcel supply chain.

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