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Customers Can Get Rewarded for Using a UPS Access Point for Holiday Deliveries

UPS has become the latest company to offer a rewards program.

The company has announced an option for customers receiving UPS packages to reroute their deliveries to a UPS Access Point rather than having them delivered to their home address. This is a unique way for UPS to improve its delivery density and take some of the load off its network during peak season.

This new program is for customers that use alternative delivery sites, called UPS Access Point Locations, and can result in rewards of up to $20.

How It Works

There are almost 9,000 pick-up locations throughout the U.S., including The UPS Store and other local businesses such as delis, dry cleaners, and florists. Online shoppers can pick up their deliveries at one of the locations for no additional fee and earn rewards at the same time. The consumer must be enrolled in UPS MY Choice in order to participate.

Participants can earn up to $10 that can be redeemed for a Target eGiftCard or up to three free months of UPS My Choice Premium service for any eligible delivery until January 11, 2019. Rewards are earned for the first, third, and fifth eligible packages delivered to one of the UPS Access Point locations.

Alternative Delivery Options

The promotion is meant to encourage shoppers to use alternate delivery locations to get their package rather than having it delivered to their homes. The UPS “Pulse of the Online Shopper” study cites that 30% of those surveyed use these locations, benefiting from the extended hours.

During a period when getting customers their deliveries on time is crucial, UPS hopes that this promotion will help cut down on individual residential deliveries and increase the convenience for customers.

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