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Safety Stock Optimization

Safety Stock Optimization

‘Availability’ is the golden word for any business. Every business wants to ensure the availability of products when their customers are looking for them. Every ‘out-of-stock’ sign means lost sales and often lost customers. But to stay available and still…

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Forecasting Method: Exponential Smoothing

Forecasting using a combination of quantitative methods and your own experience as a demand planner is what will set you apart in your industry. Overview of Exponential Smoothing Like the naïve and moving averages methods, exponential smoothing uses historical demand…

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Forecasting Method: Moving Average

Accurate inventory forecasting and planning requires using different methods for different scenarios and sets of conditions. One method that’s useful during periods of change is the moving average. What is a moving average? In the simplest terms, a moving average…

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Why You Need Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting is the process of predicting the amount of product that your company expects to sell within a defined timeframe. With a well-informed sales forecast, you can better understand the volume of revenue you’ll bring in during that period.…

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