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TransImpact is excited to announce our new Let’s Talk Next Webinar series.

And we’d like to extend a special invitation to join us at our inaugural event this July.

Here’s a sampling of what we have planned by the members of our TransImpact team and experts from throughout the supply chain industry:

The Time to Act Is Now: Preparing Your Supply Chain for the 2022 Peak Shipping Season and Beyond

Peak shipping season is coming fast, and supply chain companies need to act now to prepare for what is always the most challenging time of year. Our special Let’s Talk Next virtual event will be on July 28 from 1 to 4 PM EDT, with four sessions designed to deliver expert, actionable, and thought-provoking content to make the 2022 peak shipping season your best yet.

You won’t want to miss the event with timely, actionable, and industry-leading information. All from the comfort of your home or office. Our capacity will be limited to allow for better participation of all attendees. Register today!

About the Speakers

Berkley Stafford is the CEO of TransImpact and has had the privilege to guide the company’s transformation from being primarily a shipping negotiation and audit provider to an industry leader offering the first end-to-end supply chain technology solution. Through his leadership, the organization’s commitment to excellence has buoyed growth and innovation, ensuring that TransImpact remains at the forefront of innovative supply chain solutions.

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Jason Miller (PhD The Ohio State University) is an Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management and the incoming interim department chair for the Department of Supply Chain Management at Michigan State University’s Eli Broad College of Business. He specializes in processing and synthesizing government and private data sources to help supply chain practitioners make better decisions.

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Paul Jaroslawski is the Head of Content Marketing at W/:\RP, a freight tech company that connects shippers, carriers, and facilities to find the most efficient route for middle-mile freight. He is also the Founder & President of Freight Caviar, a company that brings humor to the logistics industry through memes, videos and podcasts.

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Blythe Brumleve got her start in freight marketing as an executive assistant working for a large 3PL in North Florida where she would eventually be tasked with handling the company’s digital media strategy. In 2019, Blythe Brumleve launched Digital Dispatch helping freight companies get online and grow. In addition to being a creative founder in freight, she hosts Cyberly on Freightwaves, is cofounder of Jax Podcasters Unite, and board member of the Transportation Marketing and Sales Association.

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Brian Byrd is the Executive Vice President of Operations and is deeply involved in developing innovative technological solutions that reduce our customers’ costs and inefficiencies and enable them to make faster, smarter decisions as they optimize their supply chain network.

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Joe Vocaire serves as the Chief Products Officer of TransImpact and brings over 35 years of information technology and business experience across a variety of industries. Joe co-founded Vizion Solutions and built it into a robust BI products and services company with over 40 professionals serving over 200 clients in our 18 years in business. There, he led the creation of several world-class business intelligence products under the Vizion360 and Parcel BI brands. In January 2021, Vizion Solutions became part of TransImpact.

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Giles Manias is the Technical Sales Engineer at TransImpact and has been helping shippers gain insight and control over their parcel spend for over five years and has been leading the Parcel Spend Intelligence Team from an analysis, training, and support perspective during that time.

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