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Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) Software

Bring your departments together, increase transparency, and enhance profit with effective sales & operations planning software. Compare past, present, and predicted future performance to make smarter decisions, reduce operational costs, and increase margins. Ease collaboration management and anticipate plans required to reach your goals. Monitor inventory, sales, and operations planning reports simultaneously for optimal analysis.

Departmental Collaboration
Annual Business Planning
Enterprise Resource Planning
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What Is Sales and Operations Planning?

Sales & operations planning brings the sales, operations, and finance teams on the same page, ensuring transparency among them to support decision-making at the executive level. It automates business planning to ensure error-free planning at every step. With efficient sales and budget forecasting, you can manage your finances better and ease sales operations management for a smooth-running supply chain. It allows you to plan and measure the success of inter-departmental collaborations and deduce changes in the supply plan to reach goals. And, ensure the success of production strategies with extensive “what-if” analysis.

Streamline your supply chain, bring your departments together, and enhance your customer experience with our S&OP software.

What Is Sales & Operations Planning Software?

Sales & operations planning software enables seamless communication and collaboration among all stakeholders across various departments. Develop a time-phased plan in intervals of your choice – daily, weekly or monthly – for up to 180 intervals in the future. Get detailed access to data like open sales orders, replenishment orders, dependent demand, and consolidated time-phased data, and create custom reports with Microsoft SQL Technology.

Our S&OP software lets you perform “what-if” analysis along with contingency planning for various possible scenarios. An intuitive interface enables you to monitor the dashboard and identify potential issues before they become problems. Adjust departmental business plans to better suit every department’s needs and the company budget. Set quarterly, annual, or multi-year forecasts for up to five years. Control user permissions to manage data access at various hierarchical levels. Modify your supply plan and optimize your safety stock according to your planned demand. Generate efficient sales and inventory plans based on analysis to achieve your goals. Optimize your inventory to maximize profits, while reducing the risk of stockout or overstock.

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Features of Sales & Operations Planning Software

Scenario Planning

Prepare for the unprecedented future with extensive “what-if” analysis. Change variables to run multiple scenarios and understand how your demand could be affected. Perform contingency planning for best and worst-case scenarios. Examine your plan from various points of view, anticipate and account for risk scenarios, and perform the necessary changes to your business plan. Generate a final plan with consensus, undertaking the best possible combination of actions to reduce risk and maximize profit.

User Permission Control

Bring your teams together and share information with them securely by implementing sales & operations planning software. Manage user permissions to ensure safe access and sharing of data across the supply chain. Control how much data can be accessed by each user at every hierarchy level. Share relevant data with each department to ease communication while controlling access.

Automate Business Planning

Automate your annual business planning process and always keep an eye on how your business is performing in the market. Compare your past, present, and predicted future performance with scorecards. Track your business growth with interactive dashboards. Aid your collaborative forecasting and planning efforts with Forecast Value Analysis (FVA). Enhance your business planning efforts by considering market changes along with sales history.

S&OP Software Reports

Our Sales & Operations Planning process includes displaying three major reports – sales, operations, and budget reports – to encourage transparency between departments and enhance business.

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Sales Report

Understand the accuracy of your sales planning in the past by comparing old forecasts with actual sales with the sales report. Get a complete understanding of your current sales plan’s efficacy and make better decisions to enhance sales.

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Operations Report

Identify the differences between planned and executed operations with an operations report. Interpret the success of the company’s current operational practices, and identify areas

for improvement to enhance operations in the future.

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Budget Report

Compare your planned budget with your actual budget to understand if you are off the mark. Interpret and enhance the accuracy of your budget plans, and increase the accuracy

of your business plans in the future according to budget.

Benefits of Sales & Operations Planning Software

Time-Phased Plans You Need

Develop a comprehensive time-phased plan in daily, weekly, or monthly intervals to plan in any and all time intervals you need.

Encourage Departmental Collaboration

Share data across the board to encourage communication and collaboration between various departments, bringing sales, operations, and finance teams together.

Enhance Decision-

Better communication and better exchange of insights between departments lead to smarter decision-making, taking budget and goals into account.

Manage Sales, Operations, and Finance

Bring your sales, operations, and finance teams to the same page, and develop reports to help you generate a plan that aligns with all departments.

Adjust Business

Adjust companywide and departmental business plans against budget, analysis, and forecasting to develop a plan that aligns with your business’s goals.

Identify and Resolve Departmental Issues

Monitor your S&OP software dashboard to identify issues between departments and resolve them before they become problems.

One of the great things TransImpact did [was give] us the opportunity to take as many SKUs as we wanted and give them historical data and run the forecast in the system and see what that output was.
– Supply Chain Manager

Efficient Planning for Every Business

Custom Alerts

Monitor inventory and manage custom alerts as your inventory changes – out of stock, overdue receipts, recommended orders, dips into safety stock, forecast accuracy.

Custom Reporting

Easily create custom reports with MS SQL Database technology. Get automated and customized reports for your business requirements built by experts.

Intuitive Interface

Intuitive, user-friendly software interface to ease and enhance working for employees at every hierarchy level.

High-Level Analysis

Summarize sales, bookings, inventory, production, shipments, and backlog for high-level analysis. Compare current, historical, and future performance of products.

Track Performance

Track your business performance against the business plan, and adjust your strategies to better align them with your goals.

Dashboard Planner

Get detailed access to open sales orders, replenishment orders, dependent demand, and consolidated time-phased data by implementing S&OP.

Sales and Operations Planning Software IS Integrable with Any ERP of Your Choice!

To get accurate forecasts every time, our software integrates with various popular ERP solutions and business intelligence tools. If you wish to change your ERP solution, our experts will help you easily integrate your data with the new system. With 24×7 virtual sessions and impeccable customer service, our experts are there to help you with your ERP integration at any time.

Who Needs Sales & Operations Planning Software?

Sales & Operations Planning software can be used by companies across various industries to enhance collaboration between their teams and ease business planning at every step. Companies most commonly belonging to industries like packaged goods, manufacturing, and wholesale distribution implement S&OP in their business planning process for better results.


What is sales & operations planning?

Sales and operations planning is an integrated management system for business that matches demand to supply and encourages collaboration between various departments. To learn more about sales & operations planning and how your business can benefit from it, get in touch!

How does S&OP software work?

S&OP software aligns demand and supply in the supply chain and encourages transparency between sales, operations, and finance departments to enhance decision-making. It helps businesses develop a smart operation plan in line with every department’s requirements.

Why is S&OP important for any business?
S&OP can help you build better business plans to align with your goals by collaborating with sales, operations, and finance departments. It opens an effective communication channel across the supply chain.
What can S&OP software do?

With efficient sales & operations planning, businesses can reduce inventory and lead times, manage production rates, encourage departmental collaboration, and create smarter business plans. To know how your business can benefit from S&OP, schedule a demo with us.

Which is the best S&OP software for your business?
The best software is the one that aligns with your specific business goals. With TransImpact’s S&OP technology, you get the ideal software for your business needs. To know how our sales & operations planning software can help you, schedule a free demo with our experts!
How can your business benefit from S&OP?
With an effective S&OP software, you can aid communication and departmental transparency, make informed decisions regarding demand and supply, enhance sales and budget forecasting, and streamline your entire supply chain.
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