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Small Parcel Update – Mar 12, 2021

With the peak shipping and holiday season behind us, and the GRI’s (hopefully) digested by the marketplace, we’re hoping the relative stability and calmness in the small parcel world will remain for a while. That said, there are still some…

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6 Expert Tips for Parcel Contract Negotiations

Every year, when FedEx and UPS release their GRIs (general rate increase) announcing contractual shipping rate increases, it’s not always clear what numbers are changing. Rather than simply accepting the increases, no matter how big or small, it’s important to…

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UPS Announces SurePost Rate Increase (Again!)

UPS has announced their 2021 GRI on SurePost, the second rate increase for SurePost packages since October of this year which saw a $.24 rate hike. You can read the full announcement on the carrier’s website here: UPS SurePost Rate…

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FedEx Extends Its 2020 Peak Surcharges

FedEx has announced the continuation of its 2020 Peak Surcharges for Oversize, Additional Handling, and Smartpost past the previously-scheduled end date of January 18, 2021. While the surcharges are not as high as the Peak Season Surcharges, the market has…


FedEx Announces SmartPost GRI for 2021

In mid-September, FedEx announced its standard 4.9% annual General Rate Increase. Not included was mention of changes to FedEx SmartPost rates — but the small parcel carrier has recently announced it will institute rate increases for this service in line with…

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UPS GRI Announced for 2021

As expected, UPS has announced its GRI for 2021. The following are details as presented on the UPS website. Effective December 27, 2020, the published rates for our services will increase. This supports ongoing expansion and capability enhancements as we…

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