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With the peak shipping and holiday season behind us, and the GRI’s (hopefully) digested by the marketplace, we’re hoping the relative stability and calmness in the small parcel world will remain for a while. That said, there are still some newsworthy things happening. To help you stay on top of it all, we’ve pulled together several articles we think you’ll find interesting:

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FedEx Rolls Out Plans to Be Carbon Neutral by 2040

FedEx lays out plans to make its entire global parcel pickup and delivery fleet carbon neutral by 2040 with an initial investment of more than $2 billion.

As Amazon Air Expands, Report Sees Potential Challenge to UPS, FedEx and USPS

Amazon Air is poised for a summertime growth spurt that could send its daily schedule to more than 160 flights per day and expand its fleet to make it a potential carrier of business-to-consumer packages outside the network, positioning the company as a competitor to FedEx Corp., UPS Inc., the U.S. Postal Service and other air and ground carriers, a new report said.

New Mail Trucks Are Finally Coming, but Don’t Expect All Electric Vehicles

The new Postal Service trucks will have bigger windshields, collision avoidance systems, and air conditioning.

Air Cargo Remains Single Bright Spot for Aviation in 2021

With fewer passenger planes in the air, there’s less room for freight that’s normally transported in their holds. That’s driven up demand for dedicated cargo jets to help handle the boom driven by online shopping, vaccine distribution and just-in-time supply chains.

CIOs see pandemic tools shaping post-covid enterprise

Some are planning to make those alterations permanent, offering a glimpse into post-crisis markets, corporate technology leaders say.

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