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On this episode of Let’s Talk Ship:

UPS® vs. FedEx® – How to Compare the Carriers’ 2022 GRIs and Improve Your Parcel Operation.

It was already a historic year for fees and surcharges from UPS® and FedEx®, and both carriers’ recent 2022 GRI announcements continued that trend with huge 5.9% average increases across services. With those rate hikes about to go into effect, now is the time for companies to make sure they understand what’s about to happen to their small parcel costs. HINT: It’s not going to be pretty for shippers who are not prepared!

There is hope, however. Join us on the next episode of Let’s Talk Ship when Jamie Vogel, EVP of Sales and Marketing, and Brian Byrd, EVP of Operations, will break down both carriers’ GRI so you’ll know just how much your parcel costs will be affected. With this insight and some advice from our experts, you’ll be in a position to better understand, budget for, and mitigate the full impact of the GRIs. Shippers have two choices. One option is to accept the 5.9% (or more) cost increase and do nothing to prevent it. The other is to watch this episode and get actionable advice that will help save money in 2022. What’ll you decide?


Join Jamie and Brian on Thursday, December  16, 1:00pm – 1:30pm EST.

Our Speakers:

Brian Byrd

Brian Byrd

EVP of Operations at TransImpact

Brian Byrd is deeply involved in developing innovative technological solutions that reduce TranImpact’s customers’ costs and inefficiencies and enable them to make faster, smarter decisions as they optimize their supply chain network.

He is inspired by his colleagues’ passion to problem-solve and generate value for TransImpact’s customers, and alongside them he is committed to relentlessly creating both tangible and intangible value for TransImpact’s customers.

Brian joined TransImpact as a Business Analyst in the Operations Department in late 2012, and subsequently held leadership roles in Parcel Audit and Parcel Negotiation before being named VP of Operations in October 2019. In November 2020 he was named EVP of Operations.

Jamie Vogel

Jamie Vogel

EVP of Sales & Marketing

Jamie Vogel is the host of Let’s Talk Ship. She was named Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing at TransImpact in 2019 after serving as Director of Sales. Earlier in her career she held directorial sales positions at a large real estate firm in North Carolina, Choice Hotels, and Brittain Resort Management, where she led teams to increase sales conversion by over 15%.

Vogel gained additional experience in consulting and client advocacy work with Revinate, formally NAVIS technologies, where she held the largest book of business on her team, helping multimillion-dollar resorts and vacation rental firms increase revenue and better manage their marketing spend through analytics. Vogel is a past President of the Emerald Isle Business Association and has served as a board member of the Carteret County Tourism Development Authority.

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