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Expose opportunities, risks, and threats to your company with sales business intelligence. Go from executive overviews or drill down into your sales pipeline. Review the data from any level you need – sales territory, sales rep, KPI, or revenue.

Sales Business Intelligence

Instantly gain insights, spot trends, identify opportunities and view factors affecting sales, revenue, margins and overall performance.

Sales Business Intelligence

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Management Reporting

Management Reporting Drill down by sales rep, customer, specific orders, or products. Expose greater profitability through management reporting. Watch the video | Schedule a Demo

Instant Insights

Instant Insights
Custom-designed conditional formatting to provide the daily reports you want. Instant insights into which product groups, customers, and YTD sales are succeeding. Watch the video | Schedule a Demo

What & When You Need

What & When You Need
Pull base reports at any time to easily see what happened yesterday, or where you stand month-to-date or year-to-date. Watch the video | Schedule a Demo
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This business intelligence reporting platform saved us over 80 hours of manual reporting and the solution immediately exposed us to data that allowed us to make quick decisions that positively affected our bottom line.

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