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Here is the episode transcript.

We are excited to share that this week’s episode of Creating Next—Unlocking Success through Strategic Partnerships: Insights from OMNIA Connections—is now live!

Join us in this episode as JJ Jeffries, Vice President of Channel Strategy at TransImpact, and Laura Zimmerman, Partner Relationship Manager, discuss the power and impact of strategic partnerships in today’s market. Special guest Conner Reed from OMNIA Partners shares insights into the world of Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) and their approach to building successful partnerships. Discover the key elements of OMNIA Connections, an exclusive event that brings together suppliers and fosters collaboration, thought leadership, and networking. Learn how strategic partnerships, like the one between TransImpact and OMNIA Partners, can drive value, efficiency, and growth for businesses in various sectors. Don’t miss this engaging conversation on the dynamics of successful partnerships and the unique experience of OMNIA Connections.

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