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Transportation Impact Customer Spotlight: Urschel Joins the Fight

For all the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has caused in our personal and professional lives, there is still a lot of good being done. It may not be obvious, but it’s there.

Transportation Impact is proud to highlight that Urschel, a freight services customer since 2017, is a perfect example of a company making the best of a difficult situation and doing something that was unimagined a few months ago. That is, shifting production from its normal food-cutting product to manufacture medical equipment parts for a local health system near the company’s facility in Chestertown, IN.

As its way to contribute to the fight against COVID-19, Urschel has pivoted a portion of its manufacturing capacity to the 3D printing of parts for high-quality N95 masks and other small PPE components. The worldwide shortage of these types of masks and PPEs is well-documented in the news, so the value of Urschel’s effort is self-evident.

TI first became aware of what Urschel was doing by noticing a change in the types of inbound materials the company was shipping. Acting as Urschel’s logistics control tower, TI was able to quickly and efficiently coordinate the shipments from the new vendor locations with no disruption to service levels. All of the materials and supplies the vendors are shipping to Urschel continue to be picked up and delivered on time, and at the best rates.

Read more about the great work Urschel is doing to support its local healthcare community on the company’s website: click here.

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