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The wait is over. UPS has finally published the details of its 2024 GRI several weeks after it ‘prepped’ the market by announcing a headline average increase of 5.9%.

The TransImpact experts are on lockdown working on our usual deep-dive analysis of the General Rate Increase (sign up below to be the first to receive the report). But three prominent details of the GRI have emerged already that we want to share:

  • The UPS 2024 Ground Minimum matches FedEx at $10.70
  • Residential Surcharges are increasing by 7.7%. The cost will be $5.65 for Ground packages and $6.20 for Air.
  • Saturday Pickup charges are increasing by 25% – 88%.

You can read the full announcement on the UPS website:

There will be plenty more details to come, so stay tuned. To receive the industry’s most detailed analysis on the 2024 UPS GRI immediately once it is published, fill out this form.

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