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Three Ways to Minimize Carrier Accessorials

Carrier accessorials can be difficult to predict and can significantly increase freight bill totals, especially when it comes to LTL shipments. These additional fees can take the form of unnecessary detention charges caused by carriers who are delayed, the costs…

trucker shortage

The Truck Driver Shortage: Just How Bad is It?

For several years, the logistics and transportation industry has been plagued with headlines of the truck driver shortage and how it is affecting the industry. Carriers point to this as one of the main reasons for tight capacity, and as…


Will Trucking Rates Continue to Fall?

With trucking rates continuing to decline, industry experts are wondering where the market will bottom out. In the article “Race to the Bottom as Long-Distance Trucking Rates Continue to Fall,” Ibrahiim Bayaan, Chief Economist at Freightwaves, explores that question. Data…

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