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Covid 19 updates

To help keep small parcel shippers like you up to date, Transportation Impact has compiled a summary of the week’s logistics news related to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. We’ll continue to provide weekly updates as the situation warrants, with more frequent updates through social media on our company LinkedIn page and Twitter (@smallpksavings).

The following are links to relevant information on how COVID-19 is impacting the logistics industry.

Recent Carrier Information:

FedEx: Statement Regarding the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act – Click to Read

FedEx Adds Temperature Screening to COVID-19 Precautions at Memphis World Hub – Click to Read

UPS Mobilizes Against Coronavirus in Collaboration with Global Customers and U.S. Agencies

NOTE: We reported this last week, but it bears repeating that both carriers announced the suspension of their money-back guarantee.

Click to Read – FedEx and UPS Suspend Money Back Guarantees

It is also important to emphasize that auditing your small parcel invoices is still necessary because there are many ways you are eligible for refunds besides service failures. There are also many soft-dollar savings opportunities available to shippers who audit and leverage a small parcel business intelligence tool to make use of the data it provides. Small parcel data can provide actionable information and assist in more informed decision-making in any parcel shipping operation.

Small Parcel Information:

Essential and Exposed: Anxiety Spreads Among UPS, FedEx Drivers – Click to Read

Don’t Panic about Shopping, Getting Delivery or Accepting Packages – Click to Read

Instacart Workers Are Planning to Strike until the Company Gives Them Hazard Pay and Safety Gear – Click to Read

Logistics/ Supply Chain Information:

House Democrats Push for Infrastructure in Next Coronavirus Bill – Click to Read

Spot Market Displays New Behavior as COVID-19 Shifts Demand – Click to Read

Trump Tweets ‘Phase 4’ Could Mean Long-Awaited Infrastructure Bill – Click to Read

Contact us at to receive a custom analysis of how these COVID-19 updates will affect your small parcel shipping.

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