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You thought UPS wouldn’t make any more changes to its Peak Season Surcharges this year, didn’t you? Well, they did and you should know what they are.

UPS has announced updates to several International Peak Season Surcharges which will go into effect on October 25, 2020. There will be increases to existing surcharges of up to 30%. Those increases will apply to shipments moving from China and Hong Kong to the U.S.

The increases vary based on lanes and service level, so we suggest a closer review of the announcement to see if you it impacts you. Click here for the complete announcement from UPS.

This surcharge announcement is just one more of many changes to fees and surcharges which shippers have needed to pay heed to this year. The largest being, of course, the 2021 FedEx General Rate Increase.

How Will You Be Impacted?

UPS’s Peak Season Surcharges and their changes will affect you. It is important to understand, how. That’s where we can help.

Contact us at to receive a custom analysis of what the GRI, and all the recent Peak Season Surcharges, will mean to your company. Your personalized report will detail the cost impact TO YOU. It will include all of the current fees and surcharges from both UPS and FedEx.

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