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Effective January 2, 2023, FedEx is increasing the rates and surcharges for its FedEx Ground Economy Service (formerly known as SmartPost). This service is seeing a large, inflation-driven increase in 2023, which is mostly proportional to the GRIs of other FedEx services.

Among the highlights from the announcement:

FedEx Economy rates mirror Domestic Ground rates up to 13 lbs.

Similar to FedEx Ground, the percentage increases vary based on distance, with longer shipments increasing above 8% at 25 lbs., and less than 6% for shorter-zoned packages.

With regards to surcharges, Non-Machinable and Package Re-Label are the only surcharges increasing in 2023.

More information on the announcement from FedEx is available here:

For a no-obligation analysis of how much the GRIs from FedEx and UPS will impact your small parcel shipping costs in 2023, email

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