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Textbooks on domestic services

After an exceptionally tough year of supply chain disruptions and strained carrier capacity, companies and their logistics operations could use a break. But with few signs that the pressure on supply chains will be easing anytime soon, and UPS and FedEx announcing their highest rate increases in recent years at a hefty 5.9%, that doesn’t look to be happening anytime soon.

The carriers’ 2022 GRIs are the latest in a nearly two-year run of extra fees, surcharges, and cost increases dating back to the beginning of the pandemic. And since many of these costs and service changes have come and gone (and come again)—like some Money-Back Service Guarantees and Peak Surcharges—any company can be forgiven for feeling it’s lost control of its parcel shipping operations.

But, don’t be discouraged. Think of this report and what your company does with the information in it as the first step to taking back that control. Entering 2022 having a clear picture of the carriers’ rates and ideas for what to do next represents a great chance for a fresh start.


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