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Managed Logistics Solutions

Quite simply, TransImpact Managed Logistics is changing the world of freight. Our solution, a robust combination of high-touch customer service and game-changing technology, empowers you to manage, coordinate, and monitor your company resources to move products in a smooth, timely, cost-effective, and reliable manner. Power that is needed in a quickly changing carrier supply and demand environment.


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Continually Evolving and Moving Forward to Help Businesses Unlock Profitability

In the past two years, the world of logistics has changed dramatically. Carrier capacity crunch, rising costs, and supply chain complexity have been added to the legacy issues of lack of visibility, unforeseen surcharges, and carrier errors.

As the market has changed, so have the resources and guidance from TransImpact. Start anticipating issues, addressing problems as they arise, and getting the tools and support needed to excel.

Going From Point A to Point B

TransImpact makes it easy. Watch how it works.

Features of Managed Logistics From TransImpact

Carrier API

Immediate access to over 1400 carriers

Turnkey Shipping

The right combination of technology, lower rates, and expert partners

Best-in-Class TMS

Logistics technology isn’t a luxury anymore – and ours is industry leading

No Hidden Costs

You have full transparency

Keep Your Carriers

You can still use the same carriers (or not). Our job is get you the best rate from whomever you choose

Use Your Data for Good

Put what you already have in your logistics operation to work for you

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The most surprising thing besides the significant savings was the way we completely changed the LTL carriers we had been using without any delays and no customer complaints.
– Robin Dunnahoe
Director Central Distribution, Superior Uniform Group

Managed Logistics FAQs

Will the technology integrate with what I am using now?
TransImpact’s pioneering technology offers real-time API (application program interface) connections with over 1,400 LTL and TL carriers. It can connect and integrate with any ERP, WMS, or your existing TMS system.
Do I have to use your carriers?
It’s your decision which carriers handle your freight. Our role is simple: to optimize your rates with those carriers (or others we help you find, if you want) and make your logistics operations work better. We do this through our combination of experience and technology.
How can TransImpact be better at negotiating my rates?
Of course, you know your business best. But we give you something you don’t have — real market rate data. We also know to the penny the carriers’ cost structures and the margins they are willing to accept. Without this information advantage, a shipper is negotiating in the dark and leaving money on the table.
What will my Managed Logistics Solution include?
Every program we build for a customer is designed based on their needs. This includes everything from how our technology is used in your operation to the people working to support it.
Is this really going to save my business money?
You’ll save up to 15%–25% off your total logistics spend. This includes hard savings, including lower rates and needing fewer staff to run your transportation operation. There are also soft savings and improvements that come from real-time access to shipping data and better service to your customers.
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