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How TransImpact's Parcel Spend Intelligence Saved a Dental Product Company Over $36,000

Are you certain that your parcel shipping is shielded from fraud? According to annual digital fraud trends, fraudulent shipping has increased 800% YOY globally. 

Learn how our Parcel Spend Intelligence solution protects against shipping frauds. Recently, we helped a leading dental product company eradicate nearly $36,000 in hidden parcel fraud with just few clicks.


Unlock intelligence into your parcel spend

Your information is safe with us.

Parcel Spend Intelligence Identifies and Prevents Fraud

Violations of any agreed terms in the contract
Parcel Spend Intelligence scans for anomalous shipments indicating potential fraud and sends you alerts.
Accurate shipping cost analysis
Forecast potential future fraud risks based on historical data and ongoing trends.
Find actual dimensional weight charges
Enhanced security protocols by connecting to your label manifesting systems.
Reduced shipping costs on each item
Collaboration and knowledge sharing among stakeholders across supply chain ecosystems.
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