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2023 State of Small Parcel Shipping with FedEx® and UPS®

Despite record-high rate increases by FedEx and UPS, shippers are finding themselves in a position of strength in contract negotiations. This might surprise you, but the truth is, you can greatly increase your savings, even with the carriers’ high rates.

In our latest e-book, we explore how companies can improve their small parcel rates and service, from examining the current market conditions, to what you should do and how to take action:

E-Book by TransImpact
Updates and New Strategies for Domestic and International Parcel Shipping

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In just a 15-minute call, you will learn how much lower
your rates could be with new small parcel contracts, and
you’ll get a tantalizing glimpse of the actionable insights
and data-driven support tools waiting for you in
TransImpact’s Parcel Spend Intelligence platform.

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