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Parcel Shipping Savings

Our roots are in parcel contract negotiations. We were founded in 2008, during a period of financial distress when carriers had an advantage over shippers. So, these are not unfamiliar times from our perspective.

We understand how savings in your parcel shipping affects the bottom line. Of the data we analyze, 85% shows money left on the negotiating table. Our experts can find 15%-25% in hidden savings in your carrier negotiations. In fact, for the past three years, we are averaging an impressive 19% savings for our clients. Depending on your total parcel spend, the savings will quickly add up.

Once the negotiating rates are in place, our Parcel Spend Intelligence boasts user friendly dashboards, quick parcel analysis, actionable insights, and honed technology to dig deep into in-depth audit of FedEx and UPS invoices.

In 2021, over $2.2B in Parcel Spend with more than 170M packages was managed through Parcel Spend Intelligence. This resulted in $290M in actionable insights and audit recovery and an overall cost reduction averaging 10-15%.

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Business Impact Analytics Chart

Business Impact Analytics Savings

Our complete data analytics platform is designed to have an immediate impact on your business. We integrate proven Business Intelligence strategies and methods to customize a solution around your business rules and processes that provide meaningful insights, allowing you to quickly and accurately make data-driven decisions. 

Our technology helps you instantly analyze the factors that drive your KPIs and can show in 3-5 clicks where you can improve your organization to maximize your performance. Our team of Business Intelligence Analysts and Account Specialists work with you to identify, recommend, design, develop, implement, and support cost-effective solutions for external and internal development projects.

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Demand Planning Savings

With 250+ separate forecasting algorithms, Avercast by TransImpact Demand Planning software products are designed to address the user’s specific needs in forecasting and demand planning. Our software generates the numbers and allows clients the confidence that they have the most accurate forecast available – up to five years in the future. “What if” analysis breaks through current plans to improve inventory turns and safety stock quantities regardless of market and supplier conditions.We empower customers all over the world to forecast and plan the right products, in the right places, at the right time, for the right price.

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Supply Chain Forecasting & Planning Solutions

Creating Raving Fans Since 2008

With the combination of highly intelligent decision-support technology
and the market expertise of our people, we are relentless in driving bottom-line
impact and turning our clients into raving fans.

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