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Parcel Spend Intelligence
Plan Comparisons

Starter Advanced Enterprise
Parcel Audit X X X
Reference Fields X X X
Included Dashboards
Parcel Spend Overview Dashboard X X X
Invoice Summary Dashboard X X X
Period vs Period Analysis Dashboard X X X
Audit Analysis Dashboard X X X
Carrier Analysis Dashboard X X
Receivers/ Senders Dashboard X X
Accessorial Analysis Dashboard X X
Time in Transit Analysis Dashboard X
Actionable Insights Dashboard X X
Account Management Dashboard X X
Invoice Charge Detail Dashboard X X
Address Corrections Dashboard X X
Package Characteristics Dashboard X X
Hundredweight/ Multiweight Dashboard X X
Incentive Analysis Dashboard X X
Dimensional Analysis X
Alerts X X
EDI carrier files X
Authenticate with O365 account X
Data Connector (Excel, Power BI, Qlik, Tableau, etc.) X
Custom reporting module X
*Contract compliance rating - $500/contract load X
5 Custom Fields X
Number of carriers included (Additional Carriers $100/mo/carrier) 1 3 6
Named Users (Additional Users $25/mo/user) 1 5 10
Call-in phone support X X
Additional Plug-Ins available for purchase***
Parcel Margin Analysis Optional Optional
**Parcel Cost Variance w/ Dimensional Variance Dashboards Optional Optional
Custom data exports to support import to in-house systems Optional Optional
Professional Services - $160/hr Optional Optional

* Consultant can only provide the Contracted Net Rate Compliance service for Clients who both (a) select the Enterprise Package, and (b) who provide Consultant with net rate charts each time such net rate charts are updated.  If a Client selects the Enterprise Package but does not provide Consultant with complete or updated net rate charts, the Compensation (as defined herein) shall remain the same, but the subject Client will not receive the Contracted Net Rate Compliance service.

** Requires that Clients provide package manifest information and package level detail required in an agreed upon format and data sharing method. Client is responsible for data validity or maintaining access to 3rd party data sources.

*** Plug-ins are available to add on to your subscription for additional costs plus one-time implementation fees. Pricing varies based on environment and specific requirements.  Contact representative for pricing.

The schedule above is effective as of 01/01/2022. This schedule is subject to change. 

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