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Managed Logistics Technology

Optimize your entire logistics network. Analyze. Orchestrate. Think ahead and stay ahead with visibility into all processes.

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Ability to rate parcel and LTL on the same screen


Import loads straight from your ERPType in the order number in the top left field, and the information will be presented for quote

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Spend by carrier is a crucial factor in standard operations and costing analyses. This coincides largely with the Lane Analysis report (also featured in Reporting). These quick and observable points would be used widely by logistics analysts, load planners, and Pricing teams. Uses historical data to forecast costs and increase profitability.

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Driving Advantage

Today, carriers are being extremely selective in the shipments they accept. You need options, so we make it efficient and powerful with live API connections to over 1400 carriers. This also ensures accurate rates and service times, timely track and trace information, and alleviated capacity issues. Through our strong alliance with carriers of all sizes and distribution areas, we put the power of TransImpact to work for you.

Driving Savings

Errors happen on 3%–5% of carrier freight invoices, yet most shippers don’t audit because calculating the cost of an LTL shipment is so complex. This is all in a day’s work for us. We check every invoice before you see it and guarantee the accuracy. Be confident you are paying what you should be, and no more.

Driving Value. Creating Next

We’re pushing boundaries to help you stay ahead of the curve.

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