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Next is driving results.

Next is transforming businesses through data and technology.

Next is working relentlessly to make every client a raving fan of what we do.

Today, we proudly launch our new Parcel Solutions to deliver Next.

Next Is About Opportunities

TransImpact’s Parcel Solutions turns small package shipping into a business advantage by bringing together best-in-class data analytics technology and industry-leading market expertise.

Our clients gain access to actionable data and reports, profit from more visibility into their costs and the carriers’ service performance, and benefit from a partnership with the industry’s leading experts.

Our Parcel Solutions include detailed reporting, actionable insights and negotiation:

  • Parcel spend overview
  • Automated audit reviews and submissions
  • Industry-leading negotiation advisory services
  • Robust Parcel Spend Intelligence software with 16 detailed dashboards
  • Spend Intelligence Reviews
  • Supply chain engineering services

TransImpact enables you to think and stay ahead of the game.

Next Is About Service Performance and Competitive Pricing

Here’s an example. In 2020, an e-commerce fashion and footwear copany was struggling with the service level and data visibility from USPS. The TransImpact team was able to guide them to a new optimized, diversified carrier portfolio.

The results? Savings of 24% annually in their shipping costs. Significantly improved data visibility. Far better customer service from the carrier.

High-Tech and High-Touch

Don’t get us wrong, tech matters! But it’s the combination of our people with technology that makes the difference. Many of our team are former FedEx® & UPS® pricing experts who can analyze your parcel shipping spend to find 15%–25% in hidden savings on your current carrier agreement. By combining forward-looking decision-making technology and unparalleled market expertise, we empower clients to improve efficiencies and give them the analytics to think ahead and stay ahead of the game.

Our driving purpose is always to help you realize short- and long-term savings through the better use of data, carrier invoice audit, and better service agreements.

We’re ready. Are you ready for Next?

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