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Carrier Surcharge Update

Following FedEx by a few weeks, UPS has announced a 2022 Peak/ Demand Surcharge.

The following is from the carrier’s website (click to read the full announcement for details):

“Peak/Demand Surcharge – Applied to UPS® Air Residential, UPS® Ground Residential and UPS SurePost® Packages A Peak/Demand Surcharge will apply to certain UPS Air Residential, UPS Ground Residential and UPS SurePost packages, for customers who are billed for more than 20,000 packages during any week following October 2021. The Peak/Demand Surcharge amounts below will apply on a weekly basis to each package over 105% of the Baseline weekly average volume for each service level, during the specified Peak/Demand Period. The highest surcharge amount applicable to the volume in excess of the Baseline weekly average volume in a given week will apply to all packages over 105% of the Baseline weekly average volume in that week within each service level.”

Companies should know it is not too late to renegotiate your parcel agreements to help mitigate these additional costs and the 2023 GRI announcements that will soon follow. 

Learn more about Parcel Contract Negotiation – here.

UPS Peak Demand Surcharges
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