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As expected, UPS has announced its GRI for 2021. The following are details as presented on the UPS website.

Effective December 27, 2020, the published rates for our services will increase. This supports ongoing expansion and capability enhancements as we strive to maintain the high service levels you expect from UPS. Below is an overview of our 2021 Rates.*

UPS GRI 2021 Rates Preview – Package

The rates for UPS® Ground, UPS Air and International services will increase an average net 4.9%.

ZIP Codes where Area Surcharges are applicable will change.

Summary of Changes to Delivery Area Surcharge ZIP Codes

Area Surcharge ZIP Code Listings includes the following:

  • Delivery Area Surcharge
  • Extended Area Surcharge
  • Remote Area Surcharge

The rates for certain Value-Added services and Other Charges will increase.

The following changes will also be made:

  • Effective January 10, 2021, an Additional Handling charge will be applied to any package with its length plus girth combined exceeding 105 inches
  • Effective April 11, 2021, Additional Handling and Large Package Surcharge rates for non-Hundredweight Service packages will differ by zone, and effective July 11, 2021, Additional Handling and Large Package Surcharge rates for Hundredweight Service packages will differ by zone.

For the full announcement on the UPS website, click here.

And of course, stay tuned. Transportation Impact will be releasing our report soon to help small parcel shippers make sense of the UPS GRI announcement, as well as a comparison to FedEx’s GRI 2021 so shippers can understand how these rate increases will impact overall shipping costs.

If you do not want to wait, contact to receive a custom analysis of what the GRI, and all the recent Peak Season Surcharges, will mean to your company. Your personalized report will detail the cost impact TO YOU of all the current fees and surcharges from both the UPS GRI and FedEx GRI.

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