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The 2021 FedEx GRI Analyzed: Get Your Ship Together

To the surprise of no one, FedEx announced an increase to its rates by 4.9% to 5.9% on many services. These changes take effect beginning January 4, 2021. The 2021 FedEx GRI will impact FedEx’s Air and International, Ground, SmartPost, and Freight customers. FedEx also announced changes and additions to almost 40 other accessorials, fees, and surcharges. Shippers need to be on the lookout for how these changes will affect delivery costs. Some increases are coming in areas like additional handling and a new 6% late-payment fee on invoices.

What’s also of no surprise is that the announcement is very short on details. It is up to shippers to figure out the cost impact of the GRI. Don’t let that worry you, because Transportation Impact has you covered.

You can access the industry’s most comprehensive breakdown of the 2021 FedEx GRI.

You can also, contact us at to receive a custom analysis of what the GRI, as well as all the recent Peak Season Surcharges, will mean to your company. Your personalized report will detail the cost impact TO YOU of all the current fees and surcharges from both UPS and FedEx.

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