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The 2024 UPS GRI – Three Quick Takeaways

The 2024 UPS GRI – Three Quick Takeaways

The wait is over. UPS has finally published the details of its 2024 GRI several weeks after it ‘prepped’ the market by announcing a headline average increase of 5.9%. The TransImpact experts are on lockdown working on our usual deep-dive…


FedEx Announces SmartPost GRI for 2021

In mid-September, FedEx announced its standard 4.9% annual General Rate Increase. Not included was mention of changes to FedEx SmartPost rates — but the small parcel carrier has recently announced it will institute rate increases for this service in line with…

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UPS GRI Announced for 2021

As expected, UPS has announced its GRI for 2021. The following are details as presented on the UPS website. Effective December 27, 2020, the published rates for our services will increase. This supports ongoing expansion and capability enhancements as we…

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