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Monthly Logistics Update

As we reach the one-year mark of the pandemic in the U.S., the long-term fallout for shippers and the logistics industry is becoming clearer. Yet, many details and the lasting effects are still to be understood. It is for this reason, much of this month’s update follows the theme of how COVid is impacting the industry.

At the same time, freight still needs to get where it’s going. So, to give you information to make sure your own logistics operations stay on track, the team at Transportation Impact has curated some information to help.

For the latest news, click the HEADLINES below to read more:


$1,400 COVID relief checks to trigger surge in e-commerce shipments

Coronavirus: Where the transport industry is now and how it got here


COVID-19 Global Trade Fallout: The container boom has lasting power

Major Exporters Take Unusual Steps to Ease Container Shortage

Trucking/ Intermodal

FTR’s Trucking Conditions Index remains on solid footing to start 2021

Will intermodal’s cost advantage be enough to grow beyond 2021?

Crash Trends a ‘Concern,’ FMCSA Officials Say at Safety Meeting


Robotic Goods-to-Person Systems Will Quadruple Through 2023

Small Parcel

FedEx completes shift of former Postal Service business, rebrands service

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