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How Will a Rebrand Benefit CustomersHero v1

Hi, I’m Brian Byrd, EVP of Operations at Transportation Impact. Discovery and market research has led us to the conclusion that we are truly differentiating ourselves from the competition. It’s time our brand voice and our message reflected that. This evolution of our company will highlight our unique position in the market and serve as a launchpad for new products. Technology and market expertise are the pillars that will help shippers navigate this ever changing and dynamic supply chain environment.

Jamie Vogel

Jamie Vogel, EVP of Sales and Marketing. We’ve done a lot of thinking and workshopping around here on what a brand refresh would mean for our current clients and future clients. At the end of the day, what we do for our clients is address their pain points, help them solve problems, and here’s a few examples of the problems that we help solve today. Speed to market, lack of visibility, adding expertise to their team, data integrity, risk mitigation in the supply chain, increasing customer experience, increasing staffing efficiencies, helping them through digital transformation. We’re doing all of those things today and we know that in the future our customers are just going to have newer and different problems.

So in order to solve those problems, we’re going to market with a brand refresh that’s going to provide solutions that are going to be able to continually address our clients problems and pain points, and so that’s really important as we think about not just our companies future, but our clients future as well, and for any future clients that we might bring on. So we’re going out with a solutions approach. A packaging approach with more technology, more expertise, and more support than ever before.

Brian Byrd

The brand refresh is a platform for the future for us to enhance our legacy products and disrupt the market with new ones. Industry thought leadership is something we pride ourselves on and our content marketing will continue to set us apart. Thank you for being on this journey with us. We promise you’ll be excited as we launch our campaign and reveal the evolution of our brand.

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